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About us

I have collected skulls and anatomical models for more than 20 years and turned my hobby into a small side business selling primarily on ebay for the past 10 years. My ebay user name is geneticks. I also sell on Bonanza with the same user name and lower prices for models than on ebay. Recently eBay has banned the sale of real human skulls even though the sell of such items is completely legal as long as they are obtained legally. All the specimens I sell are completely legal and I NEVER buy or sell grave digs so DON"T ask. Most of my specimens are old preparations from biological supply houses such as Carolina Biological, Clay Adams, Kilgore International, Denoyer Geppert, Reknas, or other reputable sources. I have bought several estates of collectors and even bought the entire remaining inventory of biological supply house that had been forgotten about over the past 20 years. Many of the antique specimens come from other collectors, or estate sales. I do not know the identity of any of the individuals whose skulls I am selling, if any one tells you they do they are either lying or the skull they are selling is likely obtained illegally.

I sell for professional and educational use only. Although credentials are not required, I do not sell for ritualistic or sadistic purposes. These are specimens that should be used appropriately and appreciated. They are a great representation of the wonderful architecture of the human body and should be treated with care and respect as each once was a person.  I do endorse their use for physicians, students, scientists, collectors, and artists as they are irreplaceable tools to further science, medicine, and drawing or painting of the human art form.

If you have any specific questions please contact me at geneticks@me.com. You may view my feedback on ebay and converse with me there as well, my ebay username is geneticks.  I have very good feedback. If you want any of the models on ebay contact me directly for prices 10% lower than what is listed on ebay.