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Maxillofacial Fracture Female Human Skull

Maxillofacial Fracture Female Human Skull


This human skull presents with an extremely displaced septum and offset nasal bones, indicating a severe broken nose in life. This break likely occurred many years before the individuals passing - as the bones surrounding the immediate break are well healed. 

Condition of skull is very good, displaying soft, ivory-like bone with heafty weight to it. No bone fragility is present and over-all condition of bone itself is very good. 


Calvarium cut is very slanted, as seen in a large majority of Asian medical prepped skulls

Lacrimal bones are missing from left and right side

13 remaining teeth 

Tight brass hardware

Superciliary arch, glabella, styloid processes, and ramus curve indicate this individual was female, likely middle-aged. 


***All human remains are acquired from retired teaching facilities, ethically sourced and preserved for further anatomical study***

***Human remains sales are prohibited to the following states: Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee***

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