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8-10 Year Old Pediatric Uncut Human Skull Pathology

8-10 Year Old Pediatric Uncut Human Skull Pathology


This pediatric skull is in pristine condition displaying no breaks, cracks, or missing pieces. The dental development of the dentitions place this skull around 8-10 years of age. Some adult teeth are present as well as semi-erupted molars. 

Bone quality is superb, showing no scuffing or damage. The cranial walls are extremely thing, showing transparency through areas under the naked eye and being very transparent when held up to light - creating a speckled spongy appearance as seen in pictures. 

The thin bone present in this skull have no obvious signs to indicate exact medical condition. This condition is believed to be congenital and not degenerative. 

Height: 15cm

Circumference: 46cm

***All human remains are acquired from retired teaching facilities, ethically sourced and preserved for further anatomical study***

***Human remains sales are prohibited to the following states: Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee***

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